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Open letter to the Europian Union on Ukraine- Russia conflict 2022


The Association of Mandate Bearers of African Descent would like to share its solidarity and concern with all those affected directly as well as indirectly by Russia’s attack on Ukraine. We condemn the attacks on human rights and the right to life under international law.

At the same time, we note with great shock that even in this difficult time, where fear and uncertainty are prevalent, humanitarian assistance is agair limited. We receive pictures, videos, posts and reports that sadden us. Despite destructive conditions, racism is practiced and black people are denied humanity. This is deeply reprehensible and clearly shows that principles of equality are lost at the threshold of borders, even for victims of war.

We stand behind the people, women and men in Ukraine and Russia, who do not want this war. But Poland sent African students back to the war zone. Racism against Black people is unacceptable. The latest reports are evidence of racial profiling.

With this letter we call on the European Union to fulfill ts responsibity especially in respect of human rights. An evacuation operation must be designed and implemented swiftly. We appeal to the bordering states of Ukraine to show a little humanity in the treatment of people in need. A reception situation vor everyone in each country would be the minimum.

We wish every single person affected, no matter who and where they come from, that with combined forces, with strategic cooperation and planning by NATO and the EU to restore the security architecture, all people will be taken into account